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How to Buy Cialis Online?

Shopping online has become a norm because it comes with a number of benefits. But people tend to be choosy when deciding what kind of product to buy online. Household items can easily pass for the highest sales via the online platform. Well, your living room aside; your body also needs to be pampered and by this I mean you need healthcare. It is one of the basic needs so no escape route here. You have to seek medical attention when illnesses come your way and you have to buy the appropriate drugs. The condition of interest here is erectile dysfunction which requires some commitment from your side to overcome. Numerous drugs are being marketed as ED drugs and Cialis happens to be among the pioneers and one of the highest rated cures here. Here’s the point I was driving at; you can purchase Cialis pills online and with a few basics in mind, you will get the best deals for the brand name Cialis and even the generic pills. Let us take a look at this efficacious sex booster and how you can get Cialis online.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is a drug for erectile dysfunction. The drug contains tadalafil as the active ingredient. Tadalafil is a PDE 5 inhibitor that works to increase the duration and firmness of an erection. In 2011, the USFDA also approved Cialis to treat the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The drug was initially developed by the Glaxo Welcome Company, currently GlaxoSmithKline. It was later purchased and marketed globally by Lilly ICOS, the joint venture of ICOS Corporation together with Eli Lilly and Company. Cialis pills come in strengths of 10 mg, 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 20 mg. They are yellow, film-covered and almond-shaped. Cialis can either be a use-when-needed medication or a daily prescription drug.

Side Effects

Cialis has been used in around 15000 men in clinical trials and over eight million men globally in the post-approval and post-marketing tests. The most probable side effects when using Cialis are headaches, abdominal discomfort or pain burping, acid reflux, muscle aches, flushing, back pain and nasal congestion. The side effects come about due vasodilating action of tadalafil. Back pain together with muscle aches may appear 12 to 24 hours after ingesting the drug, but the symptoms typically disappear after 48 hours

Although Viagra, vardenafil and Cialis all work by inhibiting the PDE5, Cialis's pharmacologic peculiarity is its longer half-life. It lasts at least around 17 hours and sometimes up to 36 hours. This is way more than the duration of action of sildenafil and vardenafil that both last four to five hours. Cialis’ duration of action has given it its widely used sobriquet, "The Weekend Pill". Furthermore, the longer half-life is the foundation for the current investigation of tadalafil's daily therapeutic use in relieving pulmonary hypertension.


Penis erection during sexual arousal is caused by augmented penile blood flow resulting from the relaxation of vascular smooth muscles. That response is mediated by the discharge of nitric oxide from nerve terminals as well as the endothelial cells which stimulate the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate which is more commonly known as the Cyclic GMP or cGMP in the smooth muscle cells. cGMP relaxes the smooth muscles and increases blood circulation to the corpus cavernosum.

Because PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis may cause a drop in blood pressure, organic nitrates or poppers should not be ingested for at least 48 hours after using a dose of Cialis. Using organic nitrates such as the recreational drug amyl nitrite together with Cialis or shortly before/after it might enhance the threat of life-threatening hypotension.

Can I buy Cialis online?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem which affects many men all over the world. Due to the hectic modern life, people do not pay attention to their diet, mental state as well as comfort. In the past, it was challenging to access an easy and safe solution for erectile dysfunction. However, Cialis came through for those who had been suffering in silence. Since its introduction on the market, this effective medication has entirely revolutionized the industry. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you do not have to physically visit a brick-and-mortar pharmacy anymore. Just go online, place the order and the secret is safe with you.

Many drugs have made it to the online platform and Cialis wasn’t left behind. The nature of the medication requires a lot of privacy. Issues below the belt are best kept beyond other parties’ reach so introduction of online Cialis was practically inevitable. The manufacturers and sellers of the ED drug realized that they could grow their market by making the pills available for online purchase. Earlier on, a big chunk of potential revenue was being lost to embarrassment.

Many online pharmacies in many parts of the world are selling Cialis. You can even place orders on drugs being sold abroad. However, in such cases, just make sure you understand the regulations of across-the-border purchases before you commit yourself.

Here are some great reasons why an online pharmacy is always the best place to buy Cialis.

  • • You do not have to worry about your confidentiality. In fact, even some local pharmacies have started their websites to attract patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and other related conditions which are viewed as embarrassing.
  • • Buying online is also a superb way to avoid wasting your precious time standing in queues. It is very convenient and easy to buy Cialis online.
  • • You can buy Cialis at relatively lower prices when you do it online. Most of the e-pharmacies order their products in bulk and they are ever willing to share the discounts they receive with their clients. Most online pharmacies also extend money-back guarantees, memberships cards as well as discounts coupons. The conventional pharmacies do not provide most of these privileges.
  • • Online pharmacies offer you a chance to go through customer reviews and testimonials before buying a drug. You can as well gather a lot of information about the price, effectiveness and other information related to the medication or a pharmacy. This way, you have the chance to explore all the options and settle for the best according to your judgment. By reading the reviews, you can find out info about the reliability of a vendor.
  • • Some people don’t just like hospitals and the idea of someone in a white coat grilling them about a medical condition and jolting down notes. If you are of this kind, then you’d probably prefer buying Cialis online because you avoid all the inconveniences.
  • • Cialis is probably the best treatment among all other oral treatment options for erectile dysfunction and male impotence. I wouldn’t blow the chance of getting it delivered to my doorstep.
  • • Cialis is also very convenient since it has no food restrictions.

Cons of Buying Cialis Online

Let’s flip the coin and check out the other side. It is not all cool when you’re purchasing Cialis online. Cases of unpleasant results have been reported by buyers from many parts of the world. The most common incidence is fraud. Many not really honest people use the online platform to execute their vicious deals and they aren’t going to spare anyone. Ignorance and desperation is what these fraudsters bank on. If you are suffering from a condition like ED, you are obviously dying to find the best solution and these con websites can read your mind. They have honeyed advertisements that will lure you straight into their grip. Some of these sites will advertise the cheapest drugs and in most cases, they ask for a partial or whole payout before they deliver the meds. If you are fooled by their antics, they will milk some bucks from you and when you start thinking why your order has been delayed for so long, you will never be able to trace them or even if you reach them, there is never a response.

Sellers of counterfeit Cialis also tend to dissipate their sub-par products online. The stories are shocking. Some online Cialis has been found to be nothing close to tadalafil. The evil manufacturers go the extent of selling placebos or even antibiotics under the name of Cialis. You have to be very vigilant. Be keen when you receive emails from people claiming to sell Cialis. These are not legit in most cases and they want to win your heart by acting too good to the extent of coming for you.


Besides fraud, there are also other challenges that are associated with buying Cialis online. Most of these usually involve the custom regulations. You have to familiarize yourself with the law of the land before you hit that order button. Otherwise, you might end up paying more than you had budgeted for to clear your purchases from the imports department. The worst that can happen in this case is withholding of your order by the customs. You might buy online Cialis yet it is not accepted in your country so you end up losing all the money you had put in.

How to buy Cialis online and save money

  • If you are keen enough, you will realize that there are numerous benefits that come with buying Cialis online. The biggest hindrance to any purchase is always the budget but with online Cialis, you don’t have to worry much about your budget as long as you know the best sites. You can have the best quality Cialis in your possession without having to part with lump sums of cash. Many websites offer coupons to the people visiting them and these aren’t difficult to obtain. In fact, some of the coupons are free and all you have to do is click the ‘claim’ button. Even if you are paying, the amount isn’t always one that requires you to rob a bank. In fact, you shouldn’t be hesitant getting an online Cialis coupon considering the benefit that you will realize in the end. The coupons can be used to purchase Cialis at very low prices, either in online pharmacies or physical stores. So where can you find Cialis coupons? They are all over the internet. Just search for coupon websites such as You can also check for the more specific sites which deal in medicine coupons such as
  • has the best offer for customers looking for deals on tadalafil. It has the Cialis savings card which is no doubt the deal of a lifetime. With the Cialis Savings Card, eligible patients receive $200 off the total cost of their prescriptions for a 30-day supply of the medicine. In this case, however, Cialis will only be sold to you on a doctor's prescription. The Savings Card is available to new patients only. Therefore, if you used a Savings Card or even a 30-Day Free Trial Offer previously, you will not be eligible to take advantage of the Savings Card.
  • If you are lucky enough, you might come across organizations and people giving out free Cialis samples online. If you can prove that the meds being offered are safe for your health, then go for them. You can ascertain their safety by checking for the seal of certification by the authorities responsible such as FDA in the United States. Some of these free samples can be very effective and the only reason they are being dished out is to create awareness of a new product.

How to Buy Cialis Online and Keep Safe

Having been told about some of the dangers of buying Cialis online, you might probably be rubbishing all the suggestions to buy Cialis via the internet. Wait, you don’t have to fear, just do it right. Try to exercise a high level of keenness when you are making online Cialis purchases. Here are some of the things that will lead you to the best online vendors of tadalafil.

Always read website reviews before you buy. Many people have devoted their time to finding out the genuine and counterfeit Cialis sellers. Read through some of their stories and you will be able to tell the good guys from the swindlers. Other customers also air their views about the products and services of vendors so you can always learn from your predecessors and avoid making the same mistakes.

Some online pharmacies are known for their good reputation and you might be safer buying from such. These include the renowned pharmacies like or Lloyd’s, just to mention a few. Buying the trusted brands also gives you an upper hand. The brand-name Cialis is safer to buy than the generic pills. Some of the generics can be counterfeits or poorly acting even though they are easier to find online.


It is also wise to always consult your doctor before starting to take new medications. The physician will be able to give professional advice and even as you order online, you can be sure that you are buying the right product.

Some Precautions to be observed

When it comes to ED treatment, Cialis has almost dominated the market although Viagra (or Sildenafil) still enjoys a loyal user base of more than 22 million buyers across the globe. Cialis is dominant across 110 nations all over the world. So, let us find out why Cialis is still challenged by Viagra and what its limitations are.

  • • Cialis is not the kind of drug that you will go around combining with other medications. It has a number of restrictions and you have to be sure that you are eligible for tadalafil use before you take the pill. The alpha-blockers which are usually used for high blood pressure and prostate problems and nitrates to treat chest angina should not be used with Cialis or any ED drug. It may cause a severe decrease in blood pressure, and it may ultimately be lethal for the user. This is just a single example out of the many drug interactions that can cause awful effects when used alongside Cialis.
  • • It’s true that there exist no restrictions concerning foods that can be taken along with Cialis. But it is critical to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol since it can trigger adverse effects. Alcohol can cause dizziness and even lower blood pressure.
  • • If you are taking Cialis, make sure you know the potential side effects this medicine may produce. These include indigestion, back and muscle pain, headaches, nasal congestion and facial flushing. It can also trigger a painful and prolonged erection, clinically known as priapism and blurred vision although these are uncommon. Before you purchase Cialis, it is important that you consult the doctor and undergo an overall medical checkup.

There are thousands of online chemists. Most are legal and legitimate, but some are not. The state or nation that you buy from can also be a determining factor. In the US, most of the meds are legit and safe. Backdoor vendors are found even where authorities are most strict so don’t generalize too much, nevertheless. On the other hand, some of these drugs can be expensive to buy in your homeland which makes you go seeking cheaper avenues and buying from abroad is always an option. Don’t be carried away by the cost alone though because there are more factors to look at when considering to buy ED drugs.

Purchasing online products has benefits as well as limitations. You will have to play your cards well to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the dangers. Some boldness is also required because worrying and doing nothing don’t do you any good. Don’t waste time – discuss the possibility of using Cialis with your doctor today!